Tensiometer “Quick-Draw” Soil Moisture Probe Model 2900F

Quick, accurate direct readings of available moisture from saturation through optimum plant growth range. Tensiometer “Quick-Draw” Soil Moisture Probe Model 2900F, 18”
Reaction time in sandy loam is 3-5 minutes, in heavy clay 12-15 minutes. Large 2” diameter dial gauge reads directly in centibars of soil suction, the basic measurement used by soil scientists. Probe readings are unaffected by differing soil types, soil temperatures or salinity conditions. Probe indicates moisture conditions in relationship to plant growth and is invaluable as a teaching aid to show basic forces involved in soil moisture movement. Requires no adjustments or calibration, no batteries to deteriorate or replace. As a water-filled tensiometer, it measures hydraulic force of soil water through the porous ceramic tip of instrument and can be easily maintained for years of continuous service. Comes complete in protective case with accessory coring tool, cleaning rod, and instructions. Length is measured from mid-portion of ceramic tip upward to a point approximately 2-1/2” below gauge.

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Trimble Yuma 2 Rugged Durable Tablet PC, GPS, Camera, Bluetooth, WiFi

Trimble Yuma 2 Rugged Water Resistant Outdoor Tablet

  • Model: C (Base model - ask about upgrading)
  • Warranty: 12-Month Factory Warranty
  • Condition: Brand New, direct from the manufacturer

Included with each tablet:
  • International AC Wall Charger with International Outlet Adapters
  • Pair of Standard 3000 mAh Batteries (8 hour life) - ask about adding 16 hour life batteries
  • Capacitive Stylus Pen with Tether
  • Hand Strap
  • Display Cleaning Cloth

This base model tablet includes the following features (ask about upgrading or changing any of the following features):
  • 64GB SSD (128GB SSD available)
  • Standard 2-4 Meter GPS (Enhanced 1-2 Meter GPS available)
  • Yellow Exterior (Grey or Yellow/Grey Exterior available)
  • No cellular modem (3.75G WWAN Cellular Modem available)
  • Windows 7 Professional Operating System
  • 4GB RAM
  • Dual Core 1.6GHz Processor
  • Sunlight Readable Display
  • Multi-Touch Capacitive 7" Screen
  • Rugged Design: IP65 Dust and Water Resistant Rating + MIL-STD-810G Rating
  • Outward facing 5MP Camer with LED Flash
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 802.11 b/g/n WLAN / WiFi
  • Integrated GPS, 2-4 Meter Accuracy with SBAS
  • Accelerometer + Electronic Compass
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Trimble R8 Rover (450-470MHz) GPS RTK Package

  • Trimble R8
  • Trimble TSC2 Data Collector with Trimble Access V 1.6.0 with Roads module and with Firmware 5.0.3
  • Trimble Carrying Case (Pelican Case)
  • One Dual Bay battery charger
  • Four rover batteries
  • Antenna for R8 radio
  • Charger for Trimble TSC2
  • Trimble "claw" data collector bracket - (quick connect pole bracket not included)
  • Data collector battery is about 1 year old
  • Soft bag for data collector
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Myron L Company Ultrapen™ PT4 Pocket Tester Pen

Measures free chlorine equivalent and temperature.

Myron L Company Ultrapen PT4 Pocket Tester Pen
Compact and rugged, this waterproof tester measures free chlorine equivalent and temperature. The tester incorporates a proprietary sensor design, automatic temperature compensation, and fully encapsulated electronics. Use pH and ORP standard solutions to calibrate the tester. Includes tester (with N Type battery installed), pH/ORP sensor, scoop, soaker cap, pocket clip, holster, lanyard, ORP electrode cleaning paper, and instructions. One-year manufacturer’s limited warranty on the tester and six-month limited warranty on the sensor.

Free Chlorine Range: 0 to 10.0 ppm. Free Chlorine Accuracy: Free Chlorine Range: 5.00 ppm ±0.3 ppm; =5.00 ppm ±0.5 ppm. Free Chlorine Resolution: 0.01 ppm. Temperature Range: 0 to 71°C or 32°F to 160°F. Temperature Accuracy: ±0.1°C or ±0.1°F. Temperature Resolution: 0.1°C or 0.1°F. Temperature Compensation: Automatic in calibration mode from 15°C to 30°C. Battery Type: N Type, alkaline, 1.5V (included). Operating/Storage Temperature: 0 to 55°C or 32°F to 131°F. Water Resistance: IP67 and NEMA 6. Dimensions: 6.75”L x 0.625” dia. Weight: 1.78 oz.

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Munsell Plant Tissue Color Chart

Accurately determine and record color from nutrient deficiency in plant tissues.
Contains 320 matte color chips mounted on charts for 17 hues: 2.5R, 5R, 10R, 2.5YR, 5YR, 7.5YR, 2.5Y, 5Y, 2.5GY, 5GY, 7.5GY, 2.5G, 5G, 7.5G, 5BG, 2.5B, and 5RP. Instructions, binder, and masks included. 1977 Edition.

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Entomology F.I.E.L.D. Kit

Fundamental Investigation of the Environment Leading to Discovery
Forestry Suppliers Entomology F.I.E.L.D. Kit
Everything you need to mount, store, collect, study, and identify insects is included! The kit contains 3 standard insect storage boxes, 4 pinning blocks, 3 entomological forceps, 3 killing jars, 1 box of size 3 insect pins, 6 handheld magnifiers, an aspirator, a spreading board, 3 insect nets, 6 glassine envelopes, six 25 dram plastic tubes, six 5 dram plastic tubes, three 4x magnifier bug boxes, three 3x magnifier bug boxes, and an Audubon Society Field Guide to Insects and Spiders for easy identification.

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Entomological Dissection Kit

Entomological Dissection Kit
Designed for insect studies. Kit contains: one 4.5” microdissection forceps, one 4.5” curved microdissection forceps, one 4.5” long point entomology forceps, one 4.25” short point entomology forceps, two straight handle plastic teasing needles, two curved plastic handle teasing needles, one pair 4.5” Iris scissors, one #3 Scalpel, ten #10 Scalpel blades, a double fold vinyl case and a 6” plastic ruler.

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Student Insect Collecting & Mounting Kit

Student Insect Collecting & Mounting Kit. Ideal for secondary level students or beginning collectors.

Contains: 12” diameter nylon aerial collecting net with an 18” hardwood handle; fiberboard insect box with pinning bottom (9” x 13” x 2-1/2”); two pocket-type, 4 oz. killing jars with plaster; 8 dram vial of nontoxic ethyl acetate killing fluid; spade tip, nickel-plated forceps; spreading board with 12” foam pinning surfaces and variable groove of 1/8” to 3/4”; three-step hardwood pinning block; pack of 100 insect pins, size 2 or 3; 50 glassine envelopes (2-3/4” x 4-1/4”); 60 blank labels, index stock (7/8” x 1/2”); two fumidors, naphthalene cones on mounting pins; label pen and point, crow quill; illustrated instruction book.

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Trimble Geo 7x (NMEA) with Terrasync Pro

Trimble Geo 7X handheld (NMEA) with TerraSync Pro
Ready for Anything
Be truly productive with the Trimble® Geo 7 series. No matter what gets in your way.
The Trimble® Geo 7X handheld is from the Trimble GeoExplorer® series family of integrated, rugged, and high-accuracy GNSS handhelds. As a streamlined solution that enables faster and more productive data collection, the Geo 7X is ideal for organizations, such as utility companies, municipalities, and environmental agencies, requiring mobile data collection and asset management solutions.
Packed full of features that enable fast geospatial data collection anywhere with the level of accuracy and quality required by your organization, the Geo 7X is the most versatile GNSS handheld yet. The Geo 7X ensures you have the right data the first time, enabling the best decisions to be made quickly while saving time and money.
Eliminate Physical Barriers to Field Success
For times when occupying the position is simply not possible due to dangerous conditions or right-of-way challenges, turn to Trimble Flightwave™ technology integrated in the Geo 7X. Utilizing the detachable Geo 7 rangefinder accessory, Flightwave workflows enable scale and location measurement of field assets at distances up to 120 m without a reflector. Flightwave measurements integrate directly into Trimble data collection software—simply point and shoot to get the position—even where there are obstacles such as traffic or private land access limitations. The Geo 7X with Flightwave saves time each day while getting previously impossible work done.
Trimble Floodlight™ satellite shadow reduction technology keeps you working when heavy overhead cover, such as trees and buildings, obstruct GNSS satellite reception. Now you can work with fewer disruptions and obtain high quality data faster and at less cost. These powerful technologies enable you to stay productive all day long—no matter what obstacles you encounter.
Smart data collection, smart investment
By providing compatibility with existing and currently planned GNSS constellations, the Geo 7X delivers reliable GNSS tracking today and for years to come—ensuring your investment continues to provide value long into the future.
Achieve better accuracy in real-time without the reliance of a traditional reference station-based infrastructure or VRS network through Trimble RTX™ correction service options available with the Geo 7X. Trimble RTX correction services leverage real-time data from an established tracking station network to compute and deliver high-accuracy positions to the GNSS handheld nearly anywhere on the globe. A range of Trimble RTX correction services—Trimble CenterPoint® RTX, Trimble RangePoint™ RTX, and Trimble ViewPoint RTX—offered with the Trimble Geo 7X provide internet-delivered, high-accuracy GNSS positioning wherever cellular communications are available so you can obtain the accuracy you need—from submeter to centimeter level.
Compatible with the breadth of Trimble GIS field and office software, the Geo 7X gives you flexible end-to-end data collection solutions and workflow choices: from the field-proven Trimble TerraSync™ and Positions™ software to the customizable data collection workflows of Trimble TerraFlex™ software . Work productively, the way you want to.
Everything you need to work
With a powerful 1.0 GHz processor, 256 MB RAM, 4 GB of onboard storage, and IP65 rating, the Geo 7X is a high performance device, designed to work hard in the environments that you do. The built-in 5 MP camera with enhanced zoom operation, bright color reproduction, and geotagging capability enables information about an asset, event, or site to be easily captured. A sunlight-optimized display maintains exceptional clarity in all outdoor conditions for crisp on screen text and images. And with the integrated dual-mode cellular modem, you can stay connected for continuous network and Internet access to real-time map data, web-based services, Trimble VRS™ and RTX corrections, and live update of field information.
It’s all there to keep you working. Stay on target, no matter what, with the Trimble Geo 7 series.

• 1x Main unit GPS Trimble Geo 7x NMEA
• Terrasync Pro Software
• 1x Hand strap,
• 1x Li-ion battery
• 1x Soft carry pouch,
• 1x AC power adaptor,
• 1x Screen protector kit (2 pack),
• 1x USB data cable,
• 1x Stylus kit,
• 1x Quick start guide,
• 1x External patch antenna,
• 1x Hat

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Trimble Geo 7x (NMEA) - WEHH 6.5 Handheld

The Geo 7 series remains the same high-accuracy GNSS handhelds while concurrently minimizing field challenges such as obstructed satellites and inaccessible locations. With two new powerful technology innovations, Trimble Flightwave and Trimble Floodlight, customers can stay productive in adverse conditions. The Geo 7X is also compatible with the range of Trimble GIS field and office software, thereby offering flexible end-to-end data collection solutions.

  • Trimble Flightwave remote positioning technology
  • Trimble Floodlight satellite shadow reduction technology
  • Maximize GNSS productivity and be ready for the future
  • End-to-end data collection solution

GPS Trimble Juno SB

Key features:
  • Cost-effective fully integrated solution
  • 3 megapixel camera
  • High-sensitivity GPS receiver
  • Long life battery for all-day use
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Optional protective OtterBox Defender Series case

Trimble Geo Explorer 5T Series Handheld

Trimble Geo explorer 5T series handheld
ini merupakan generasi 5 series, generasi terbaru dari Trimble Geo expolorrer perkembangan dari generasi - genarasi geo xpolrrer sebelum nya..
Leak / outage deteksi dan perbaikan
Merelokasi infrastruktur bawah tanah
As-built pemetaan dan penggalian terbuka
Infrastruktur inspeksi dan manajemen pemeliharaan.
pemerintah daerah
Jalan dan manajemen aset jalan
Pekerjaan umum instalasi
Kota-lebar proyek pengumpulan data GIS
Dijadwalkan aset inspeksi untuk kepatuhan dan metering
Taman dan perkotaan pemeliharaan dan pengelolaan hutan.
Air dan manajemen jalur air
Hutan dan taman layanan manajemen
manajemen perikanan
geofisika manajemen
General pengelolaan lingkungan hidup

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Trimble Pathfinder proRXT Reicever

GPS Pathfinder ProXRT memiliki semuanya. Receiver real-time dapat mencapai decimeter ( 10 cm / 4 inci) akurasi, memberikan Anda kepercayaan diri untuk mengetahui pekerjaan itu dilakukan dengan benar ketika anda masih di situs. Menggabungkan H-Star teknologi, Omnistar dukungan, dan dengan opsi dukungan GLONASS di atas GPS dual frekuensi, GPS Pathfinder penerima ProXRT adalah solusi yang benar-benar serbaguna menawarkan keakuratan yang Anda butuhkan, di seluruh dunia.
Gps Trimble Pathfinder Proxrt Penerima Siap Untuk Digunakan Dengan Berbagai Komputer Lapangan, Termasuk Pc Tablet Laptop, Dan Pda, Dan Tentu Saja Dengan Komputer Bidang Trimble Kasar: A Nomad Trimble Juno G Atau Seri Genggam, Trimble Recon Genggam, Atau Trimble Yuma Komputer Tablet Kasar.

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Bredeer Larva Nyamuk

Breeder Nyamuk digunakan Untuk pemeliharaan sampel larva nyamuk
Ukuran dia 12 cm x 21 cm tinggi
Material Polystyrene / akrilic

Mineralab Deluxe Hardness Pick Set & Mineral Identification Kit

Use this set to test the hardness of minerals for accurate identification under Mohs’ hardness scale ranging from 1 to 10. Kit includes four double-ended picks comprising eight points made of various metals and alloys with Mohs’ hardness values numbering 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Points are large enough to be resharpened. Kit also includes a grinding stone for sharpening; a glass plate with a hardness of 5.5 which, when scratched, quickly determines a hardness range; a streak plate for testing a mineral’s streak color; a magnet for testing magnetic rocks such as magnetite and pyrrhotite; and complete instructions. All tools are packaged in an attractive, compact, mahogany-finished wooden case. 2-1/2” x 7” x 2”.

UNSPSC: 27111605

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